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BPFI National Sort Code database User Acceptance Terms*


By accessing this National Sort Code (NSC) database, and downloading or otherwise using all or any data contained on this NSC database (“NSC Data”), for the benefit and in favour of BPFI you agree to and confirm you are bound by the following Terms:

1. Your access to and use of NSC Data shall be for your own bona fide purpose(s) only and not for any other purpose(s), and shall not be made available by you to any other person(s);

2. You shall not sell, hire, lend, transfer, distribute, licence or otherwise dispose of or purport to grant rights over or in respect of all or any part of the NSC Data to any person(s);

3. You shall not translate or adapt NSC Data for any purpose(s) nor arrange or create any derivative work(s) based on by reference to the NSC Data;

4. You shall not publish or distribute nor cause to be published or distributed an electronic or paper directory or other publication of or containing NSC Data;

5. You shall not make any copies of all or any part of the NSC Data nor permit or cause the NSC Data to be copied in any format save for your own bona fide backup and archival purposes (acknowledging for such purposes that the intellectual property rights in each such copy shall be the property of BPFI);

6. No warranty express or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of the NSC Data is given to you by BPFI or its members; and neither BPFI nor any member of BPFI shall be liable to you for any losses, damages, costs or expenses suffered or occasioned by you by reason of any alleged or proven defect in the NSC Data;

7. All property rights in the NSC Data are vested in BPFI, and so that title to the NSC Data shall not pass to you under any circumstances; and

8.These Terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with Irish law, and you submit to the jurisdiction of the Irish courts with respect to any dispute or matter concerning or arising out of these Terms.